24 Oktober 2009

Hush, my soul...

Shhhh….hush, my soul, he cometh!
Midnight rings from the belfry –
The ungodly hour strikes
And soon the dreadful sound of heavy shoes
Will reach my bleeding ears

Shhhh….hush, my soul, he cometh!
Devil's in the corridor
And from his poisoned lips
Drops his own distorted truth
Into the wide-eyed mask I wear

Shhhh…hush, my soul, no sound!
A pale moon the only witness is
My voice has been silenced
My mind steals away
My body's like soulless stone

Shhhh…hush, my soul, no sound!
Don't listen to the devil's lie
Doing nothing I don't like he grins
Ybounden like Adam I lay
And it feels like a thousand winters

My soul is silent now
Much too far away I am hiding
Forgotten by a cruel, biased world
And all was for a love
That dare not speak its name

The paper I write on is tainted
Given by the devil on his nightly visits
Heaven is far, far away
I just lay my eyes on mirthless sky
When I shuffle in endless circles

Circles I draw into the dust
Side by side with felons and the lost
Mind stealing away again
To avoid the bitter sight
Of those who silently weep

The crystal of my dreams went blind
Family and home are long gone
Just the Banshee came to visit me
Me, the pariah, the lonely Ishmael
Touched by the devil's cold claw

Shhhh….hush, my soul, no sound!
Just a few aeons more, please,
Silently lay and uphold your marble mask
For the privilege of wearing my hair longer
And not shaven like the other grey walkers

Shhhh…hush, my soul, he leaveth!
The remains of the night are mine now
Maltreated mind and spirit
Resembling a small, black pebble
Frantically trying to warm up – in vain

Shhhh…quiet, my soul, don't weep!
'Cause every night after the devil leaves
The comforting angel emerges from the depths
Of the eternal darkness that is surrounding me
Wrapping me into his wings of comfort and love.

Shhhh…quiet, my soul, don't weep!
Cradled in the arms of my blue angel
I think of happy days gone by
Forget the pit of shame I'm in
And dream myself into loving arms

Shhhh….quiet, my soul, wing hope!
Soon I will shake off all that grey
And will see heaven again, not just sky
Why didst thou not take me with thee, my angel
When thou didst leave me here in gloom?

Shhhh…quiet, my soul, wing hope...

© by me - today

Das war eben einfach da...
Und wollte raus, sonst wär ich wohl fast dran erstickt.

In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.
Oscar Wilde


Feona Malea hat gesagt…

Wie schrecklich ... aber ein wunderschönes Gedicht!

Jedoch so traurig ... so voller Schmerz, Leid und alles so Grau.
Da muss man einfach schluchzen!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Finde es auch auch sehr traurig

Feona Malea hat gesagt…

Und ich hab es nochmals gelesen und endlich ganz verstanden ... und jetzt weine ich.

Sssh ... my darling ... thy soul is healing ...

Ashmodai hat gesagt…

Mhm. :-)

Feuerseele hat gesagt…

Das is voll traurig-schön und kommt mir aber ganz komisch quer gerade *uäks*

Hach ja diese spontanen Dinge, die raus müssen ... die kenn ich, aber bloggen mag ich sie nicht ... vielleicht schreib ich das nächste in euer Schattenbuch. :)

Lieben Gruß von der

Ashmodai hat gesagt…

Mir kams auch quer - das tut es immer noch.