22 Oktober 2009

Happy Birthday, my dearest Bosie-Wosie!

Heute hat Lord Alfred Douglas Geburtstag!
Wäre er noch hier inkarniert, wäre er nun stolze 139 Jahre alt.

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Zur Feier des Tages eines seiner wunderschönen Gedichte:

Ode to my soul

Rise up my soul !
Shake thyself from the dust.
Lift up thy head that wears an aureole,
Fulfil thy trust.

Out of the mire where they would trample thee
Make images of clay,
Whereon having breathed from thy divinity
Let them take mighty wings and soar away

Right up to God.
Out of thy broken past
Where impious feet have trod,
Build thee a golden house august and vast,
Whereto these worms of earth may some day crawl.
Let there be nothing small
Henceforth with thee ;
Take thou unbounded scorn of all their scorn,

Of high contempt : be thou no more forlorn
But proud in thy immortal loneliness,
And infinite distress :

And, being 'mid mortal things divinely born,
Rise up my soul !

Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas, Paris, 1896


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Happy Birthday

Andy hat gesagt…

Na dann Prost!!
Aber 139 Jahre, da zwickt es sicher in der Hüfte

Ashmodai hat gesagt…

Bei Bosie zwickt nix in der Hüfte ;)