28 August 2008

Some quizzes

What Religion Should You Be?
You Should Follow Hinduism

You find the idea of many Gods and many spiritual paths attractive.
Religion is a lifelong, personal journey for you, and you don't deal with dogma or rules well.
You see spirituality as a union of intuition and reason. No one has all the answers.
You spend a good amount of your time meditating, doing good deeds, or improving your karma.
What Religion Should You Be?

Hm...okay....stimmt schon zum Teil...aber Hinduismus?

What Kind of Tea Are You?
You Are Black Tea

You have a bold personality. You're not afraid of simply being yourself.
You have the courage to speak the truth. You are fearless in your actions.
You come off as a bit intimidating and unapproachable. Only confident people are attracted to you.
You don't try to scare off anyone. You're just an intense person!
What Kind of Tea Are You?

What's Your Noble British Name?
Your Noble British Name Is:

Lady Amanda Maud Tennyson
What's Your Noble British Name?

Und als Mann: Sir Geoffrey Luxford Churchill

How's Your Spelling?
Your Spelling is Perfect

You got 10/10 correct.
Your spelling is excellent. You also have a great memory and eye for detail.
How's Your Spelling?
Na, der war ja auch "sehr" schwer...

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