10 November 2010

The buried dream

Das war grade einfach so da.
Ich glaube, es war mir einfach ein Bedürfnis, es rauszulassen und ursprünglich wollte ich es bei einem Namen nennen.

With your back turned to me
there you stand
gazing at the boundless ocean

The wind is tousling your hair
his cold and airy fingers
are clutching at your coat

Head held high and proud
you buried your dream
beneath those wandering waves

They took it with them
to far away shores
where it washed upon the sand

The shining light of your soul
now is a mere spark
a faint echo of it's beauty

Headless you feel
Lost without the soulfriend
and decide to be all on your own

Fulfilling a smaller dream
and helping others on their way
you bury your former goal even deeper

A single tear I see
rolling down your cheek
leaving a trace on your rigid face

A different life now
A different land and body
No boundless ocean to gaze upon

But still the same soul

In your hands
you weigh your dream
insecure and feeling lost

Hold it tight, my friend!
Don't let it be taken from you
Never ever bury it again

Unearth all your dreams
from their silent graves
hold them close

Let them sink into your soul
and shine and sparkle
for who you are

Spread your wings wide
and glide across the land
fulfilling your dream

You are not alone
The soulfriend is there
always at your side

Keep your faith
and spread
what you believe in

Never let anyone
take your dreams again
hold on to them

'cause you are able
'cause you are worth it
'cause you shine


Feona Malea hat gesagt…

Das ist sooooooooooo wunderschön!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Darf ich?

Ashmodai hat gesagt…

Dankeeeee! :)

2Wölfe, du darfst - ist eh deins ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…