21 November 2009

Blogthings zum Kaffee

You Are Happy and Serene

You are an empathetic, understanding person. You listen carefully and without judgment.

You believe everyone has their own path in life. You are very accepting.

You don't get stressed out or worried easily. You are usually in a very relaxed state.

You aren't much of a party animal or a social butterfly. However, you are usually having a good time in your own way.

You Are 80% Pure

You're so innocent, it's almost like you're not human.

You're the type of person people feel bad cursing around.

And while you may be inexperienced, you're not easy to corrupt.

Taking this test is probably the naughtiest thing you've done in a while!

You Are a Black Coffee

At your best, you are: low maintenance, friendly, and adaptable

At your worst, you are: grumpy and stressed

You drink coffee when: you can get your hands on it

Your caffeine addiction level: high

Your Animal is the Crane

Deep down, you are a very secretive person. You keep a lot to yourself.

You may seem friendly and outgoing, but it's not the full picture. You prefer your own quiet company.

You are a smart and talented person. You have an amazing set of skills.

You are also quite reflective and thoughtful. You have a unique spirituality that is always growing.


L. Diane Wolfe hat gesagt…

Ooo, I'll have to take a couple of those!!!

Alruna hat gesagt…

Ich habe grade das Celtic Animal probiert und bin eine Eule:
Your Animal is the Owl
You are brilliant, but you keep your insights to yourself. You tend to be a recluse.
Others are captivated and enchanted by you, but you hardly even notice. You have a powerful presence.

You are passionate and strident. After a while your personality can be a bit overwhelming.
You are quite misunderstood. You are more emotional and mystical than people realizes.

Damit kann ich leben :-)
Lieben Gruß von Alruna

Ashmodai hat gesagt…

Have fun, Spunky! :-)

Alruna, das klingt ja auch toll. Mit allem, was da so zum Kranich steht, kann ich mich nicht identifizieren - aber mit einem kleinen bisschen schon.