20 Oktober 2009

Samhain Night

Alone I went into the night
Alone- no one walked with me.
Although stars and moon were shining bright
Lost love! O - how I mourned thee.

Upon the stars I gazed
Crying out my sorrow
Now I am the one who prays
And knows he will have no tomorrow.

When finally I reached the otherland
With fields and streams that greeted me
I looked upon my empty hand
No angel led me back to thee

When I look towards the gleaming sun
And gaze upon the boundless sea
I ask myself “What have I done?”
And I still do search for thee

Approaching now is Samhain night
Uplifted be the veil
There will be a guiding light
That leads me to my holy grail

An end will be made to my despair
And I’ll cross the boundless sea
Out of the darkness of nowhere
So that I come again at last to thee
© by me

Eben enstanden...
Die Worte waren auf einmal da - ich weiß nichtmal, woher sie kommen.
Noch nicht.


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so traurig - und so schön!

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Danke Euch :)

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Einfach wunderschön.

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Danke Dir, Fairy :)