30 Januar 2009


Were you medieval royalty?
Medieval royalty thou art! ~Also possibly Rennnaisance-ian Royalty.~ Good morrow to ye, Your Highness, and drink no sour ale!
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What medieval occupation would you have?

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You are a bard, a traveling singer and musician who uses enchanting tunes and rythms. A happy life, when you're paid well, but be wary - an unsuccessful place or night may mean a day or longer's hunger. In other words.... you better be damn good.
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Hexe hat gesagt…

My Result

You are a traveler. A man or woman of no true belonging or group, even, in some cases, who has seen much of the world and its inhabitants. Be wary - your adventures may leave you starving, wounded, lonely... or dead.

Kessi hat gesagt…

Wow, Hexe, Du kannst ja auch perfekt Englisch.... Well....good night all (-;!!!