02 Januar 2009

My Quibblo Personality Quiz Result for: The Demon Personality Quiz

The Demon Personality Quiz
Loyal You can be relied on. You will hurt or even kill mortals or other demons to protect those you care for. You may have a few or alot of friends. If someone you trust is in trouble you'll be there no matter what and your friends trust you with there lives. You may be loyal to your species of demons, humans, or both. You are either good, neutral, or evil.
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Anonym hat gesagt…


na, wie bist Du ins neue Jahr gerutscht?
Mich hat der Alltag bereits wieder.

Liebe Grüße,

Ashmodai hat gesagt…

Hallo, liebe Astraryllis!

Ich bin ganz ruhig und gemütlich gerutscht.
Sehr schön. :)