06 Oktober 2008

Meine "Baumentsprechung"

Gestern habe ich Feona Malea in den ersten Grad von Celtic Reiki eingeweiht.
Dort zeigte sich unter anderem, dass ihre Entsprechung bei den Bäumen die Weide ist - und es war mehr als passend, was zur Weide im Green Man Tree Oracle zu finden ist.
Ich dachte mir also eben, frage ich doch mal mit diesem Orakel nach meiner Entsprechung. Und ich zog Rowan, im keltischen Luis (auf Deutsch: Eberesche). Das hätte mir schon vorher klar sein müssen...
Ich habe es nämlich von Bride bei meiner Celtic Reiki I - Einweihung gesagt bekommen. Sie zeigte mir das Ogham-Symbol, nannte den Namen des Baumes ("Luis") und sagte mir "Das bist Du. Das ist Deine Entsprechung".
Hier also mal, was zur Eberesche zu erzählen ist.
Green Man Wisdom: Safe in the knowledge of protection

Rowan's ability to shield us from harm makes its presence a powerful ally, and it is still invoked in parts of Europe as a guardian against evil spirits or other negative forces. It can also offer insight into danger through the invocation of higher wisdom. The Druid shamans of the Celts were said to use it in this way, breathing in the smoke from rowan fires to initiate a trance state in which their heigtened perception enabled them to forewarn against the onset of danger.

It is thought that the rowan got its name from the Norse word runa, meaning 'charm'. It has had an association with protection from ancient times and is often found growing close to houses and churchyards to ward off evil spirits. Tradition speaks of rowan as an especially powerful protector against witchcraft, and that to bind a piece of red thread around a twig of rowan can turn aside the strongest spell.

The sheer brilliance of the rowan's colours - deep green and scarlet - announces its presence like a trumpet call wherever it grows. Its red berries meant that it was associated with both life and death, and since the colour red was believed to represent the blood of the gods so the berries were seen as their natural food. The gods and goddesses associated with the rowan are amongst the most powerful deities. In Greek mythology, the rowan sprang from the blood of a sacred eagle, sent by Zeus to recover the Cup of the Gods, which had been stolen by demons. The tree was especially honoured by the Norse people because it was said to have saved the god Thor from drowning when it reached forth its branches to catch him as he was swept away by a furious river.

Rowan is ruled by the sun, so it is not exactly surprising that several of the deities connected with it are solar. In Ireland, therefore, the goddess Brighid is often represented by the rowan, while in Britain Brigantia, an ancient tutelary deity of the land, is also invoked under its sign. Both these goddesses have strong associations with the sun, with its protective energy and with the first stirrings of spring. Brighid was also the goddess of poetry and inspiration, and in later Christian myth was said to have nursed the infant Jesus. Both Brighid and Brigantia are said to have possessed arrows made of rowan, which could catch fire when necessary.

The rowan is especially sacred amond the Celts. It was given great honour by the Druids, and in Ireland is still known as fid na ndruad, or 'the Druid's tree'.

Und wenn das wer auf Deutsch lesen möchte, bitte melden - dann übersetz ich es...


Grye Owl Calluna hat gesagt…

Meine "Baumentsprechung" hätte ich auch gern gewußt.
Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob´s stimmt, mir hat mal jemand gesagt es sei der Kirschbaum....?
Liebe Grüße
Grye Owl

Ashmodai hat gesagt…

Ich weiß nicht, ob ich für Dich in dieser Hinsicht orakeln kann. :)
Aber ich kanns die Tage ja mal versuchen.

Grye Owl Calluna hat gesagt…

Das wäre nett! Würde mich echt mal interessieren,...gerade, wo ich Bäume so mag!
Liebe Grüße
Grye Owl