09 Oktober 2008

The Magical Personality Quiz

Ich glaube, ich habe das Quiz vor einer Weile schonmal gemacht...
Ihr könnt es auf Llewellyn finden, wenn Ihr oben auf Fun & FREE klickt.
Interessant, dass es sich irgendwo mit diesem Elemente-Test deckt.

Your Q Score is: 10
The Q score ideally should be as small as possible, indicating maximum agreement among elements. However, even a tiny Q score may not mean optimal functioning, since all four elements may in fact be relatively undeveloped.
Q Score Ranges:

0 - Reflects no difference between the elements

12 - Reflects mild differences

18 - Reflects moderate differences

24 - Reflects strong differences

48 - Reflects maximum differences

Your Primary Mythical Creature
Water Types
The main strength of the Water types is feeling. The second element indicates the most probable focus for this emotional expression.

Water with Fire

Astrologically associated with Cancer and the Fourth House

Chimera types are motivated to achieve and maintain emotional closeness between themselves and those they are close to. They are among the most outgoing of all the types. They have a strong sense of community, harmony, and cooperation. They are devoted to their family, whether this is an actual family or a specially chosen group of like-minded individuals. They thrive in company and are rarely alone. They find personal fulfillment in supportive, nurturing, and caring roles, but they emphasize self-reliance for all. They are intensely protective of those they love and are both perceptive and intuitive regarding their needs. They can seem at times to be in a world of their own because of a capacity for reflection. They are very emotionally expressive, which can seem like "gushing" to other, more restrained types.

Und diese Karte war super passend.

Goddess of Air: Arianrhod

A balance of past karma is coming, both positive and negative; prepare yourself to sweep out old patterns and accept the incoming new ones.

Ebenso diese hier - die gefällt mir auch richtig gut.

Knight of Wands

Your passion is moving you ahead very quickly. Whatever you are facing, you are very excited about it. You feel no fear, although you are certainly feeling a heady adrenaline rush. You are ready for a grand adventure. If one doesn’t come to you, you will go out and find it.

Das Deck ist toll. Es heißt Gilded Tarot und ich habs bei Llewellyn entdeckt.
Und das Legend Deck ist auch traumhaft schön.


Grye Owl Calluna hat gesagt…

Hallo Ashmodai!
Das sind sehr schöne Karten,...gefallen mir auch. Aber im Moment bin ich erst mal ganz glücklich mit den "Germanischen", mit denen ich erst mal lernen muss umzugehen...
Liebe Grüße
Grye Owl

Ashmodai hat gesagt…

Das Deck, nach dem ich gefragt hatte?
Das ist einmalig schön - da muss ich mich mal nach umsehen. :)