29 September 2008

A Moonbeam Spell to Help You Sleep

Take your pillow to a dry area beneath the moonbeams. Sprinkle a
rosemary infusion around it. Work in a counterclockwise manner as you
repeat, "Away from me the thoughts of day, away from me my worried
Then change your direction to clockwise, altering the
incantation to:
"When Luna smiles through night's sky, so sleep will
come to tired eyes. No more to wake, no more to roam, rest is welcome
in my home."

As with the last spell, repeat this last phrase as you put your head
on the pillow every night.

General Uses :

Banishing or easing insomnia. Peaceful rest.

Timing :
Moon just rising in the sky. Night in general. August. Moon in Gemini
or Aquarius.


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