01 August 2008

You Might be Pagan If...

1. When you're sworn in in court, you bring your own grimoire.
2. You've been seen talking to cats. They talk back. You understand what they're saying.
3. When asked if you believe in God, you ask, "Which one?"
4. You know what "widdershins" means. You apply it.
5. You have an entire spice cabinet...and you don't cook. You also have knives, and not all of them are for cooking.
6. You know that laurel and bay leaves are the same thing.
7. You know that Paganism isn't spelled F-A-N-T-A-S-Y.
8. You know what Kemet is without looking it up.
9. You know that there are exceptions to the laws of physics. You've caused them.
10. The first thing your guests say is, "My, that's a nice...altar...you have there..."
11. On Halloween, you yell "Happy New Year!" at passers-by.
12. You know that Christmas trees were originally pagan symbols. That's why you bought
13. You have friends who say they are elves. You believe them.
14. You commit blasphemy in the plural.
15. Upon dying, your first thought is, "Darn it, not AGAIN..."
16. When you say "Mother Nature," you don't mean it in an anthropomorphic way.
17. Gaia is NOT the lady on "Captain Planet."
18. You know "eye of newt" is an herb.
19. In Religion 101, you're disappointed because they didn't cover YOUR gods.
20. You know that there is a right way and a wrong way to draw a pentagram.
21. You can explain the difference.
22. You've spent the last year and a half looking for a familiar.
23. You talk to trees. They talk back.
24. You know dragons and fae exist. You've seen them.
25. Painting yourself blue, spiking your hair, and dancing naked around a bonfire sounds like
large amounts of fun.
26. You've seen "The Craft". You know where they were making stuff up. You have explained
this to other people. You can do it better than they did it in "The Craft". You know the rest
was a load of crap.
27. You understand the symbolism behind a maypole.
28. You've ever ended a phone call with "so mote it be."
29. You think that "Scott Cunningham" is a household name.
30. You feel that there is no such thing as having too many cats.
31. The emergency calls you get at work are your teenagers wanting to know the whereabouts
of the extra candles, incense or other miscellaneous ritual items.
32. Someone asks you what you are doing wandering around in the woods wearing a robe, and
you answer cheerfully: "Going to church!"
33. Your children go around telling people that "the Goddess loves you."
34. You've asked your friends to please not play with the special rocks and sticks.
35. Drawing the Death card is a GOOD thing.
36. If you've ever had a more quality conversation with an animal than you have with most people.
37. You have a religious experience whenever the sun rises.
38. You know not all Hermits are crabs, bust most of them are crabby.
39. You're reading this list...
40. You understand what it's talking about...
Well then you might just be Pagan!

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